NT Labs Pro F Probiotic Tropical fish food

Pro-fProbiotic Tropical

Probioticbacteria increases digestion

·                  Significantly less waste and cleaner water

·                  Colour enhancing spirulina & astaxanthin

·                  Stimune to promote fish’s immune system

·                  Floating & sinking 0.8-1.2 mm granules

ProbioticTropical contains probiotic bacteria ensuring your fish digest and absorb moreof the nutrients. resulting in less waste and improved water quality. Stimune promotes a fish’s immune system keeping them healthy and primed tofight off disease.  Packed with natural colour enhancing and highlynutritious spirulina to emphasise the colours of your fish.  With easilydigested krill and squid meal. Probiotic Tropical is highly palatable to a widevariety of species.  Probiotic Tropical granules break the surface of thewater at different rates allowing fish to feed at their preferred position inthe water column.

Suitable for most freshwater tropical species.

Feed  daily. only the amount your fish willconsume in a few minutes.






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