Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb

PURE Aquarium Bomb is the latest addition to Evolution Aqua’s award winning PURE bacterial product range.

The PURE Aquarium Bomb is a single treatment dose of live nitrifying bacteria designed specifically at cycling new aquariums and making them ready for fish. It also rapidly combats water quality emergencies in new and established freshwater aquariums, when life threatening levels of ammonia and nitrite are detected.

Beneficial bacteria inside the filter can be lost through cleaning media under the tap, replacing mature media with new, or the use of medications. Increased fish numbers, uneaten food and dead, decaying fish can also lead to levels of ammonia and nitrite.


  • Matures new filters rapidly
  • Cycles new aquariums
  • Repairs bacteria colonies
  • Provides rapid nitrification
  • Eliminates “New Tank Syndrome”

Please note:¬†this item is clear and has no colour – when you first open it, it may look like there’s only liquid, but if you drain it a little you’ll see the ball inside!