NT Labs Pro-f Probiotic Marine – 100g

A probiotic marine food which supports immunity and reduces waste.

Probiotic Marine is a highly nutritious, complete feed for all species of marine fish. This small, granular feed is packed with easily digestible krill and squid meal, whilst the addition of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria help to break down the food more fully, allowing your fish to absorb more of the nutrients. This also results in a reduction in waste, as well as a stable improvement in water quality which is highly advantageous in your reef aquarium. Rich in spirulina and Stimune, Probiotic Marine will bring out the naturally bright colours of your fish and will support their immune system to keep them healthy and primed to fight off disease.

This highly palatable, probiotic food is ideal for all species of marine fish, including those fussier species such as tangs, wrasse and dwarf angels. Probiotic Marine is a blended feed, incorporating both floating and sinking granules. These will break the surface at different rates, allowing fish to feed at their preferred position in the water column.


Fish Meal, Wheat, Soya Meal, Fish Oil, Lucern Protein, Spirulina, Wheat Gluten, Squid Meal, Krill Meal, Lecithin, Yeast-derived Product (Stimune), Inulin.


Protein 45%, fat content 10%, inorganic matter 10.9%, crude fibre 1.0%