Yamitsu Pond Glue Fit Stepped Hosetail 1.5″

The Kockney Koi Pipe Fitting Range is manufactured by Yamitsu and is designed to give a really professional finish.

Stepped Hosetails allow any size of Flexible Pipe to be connected from ½” (12mm) , ¾” (19mm), 1″ (25mm), 1¼” (32mm) and 1½” (38mm).

The hosetails are available in 2 types:

  • Inner – Glues inside 1½” solvent pipe (the outer diameter is 1½” or 39mm)
  • Glue Fit – Glues into any 1½” solvent fitting (the inner diameter is 1½” or 39mm, the outer diameter is 43mm)

Please Note that although the two glue fit hose tails may look identical, the Inner fits inside the Glue Fit to enable you to join flexible hose of the same or differing size, hence the listing includes an option for one of each hosetail.

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TIP: You must ensure you cut off the steps not being used so that water flow is not reduced.


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