The Koi Pool Wheatgerm Winter Sticks

A specially formulated winter diet for all pond fish, this highly digestible fish food is sure to support your fish’s immune system health over the winter and increase energy reserves.

As the temperature starts to drop in Winter, your pond water will cool down and as a result, your fish’s metabolism will slow down. That is why we recommend you feed your fish with Wheatgerm!

Benefits include:

  • Low in hard-to-digest proteins, making the consumption of this winter feed easier on the digestion and waste systems of your koi and other fish.
  • Offers a higher concentration of beneficial vitamin E and amino acids your koi can readily utilise.
  • The added vitamin and minerals help support immune system health and increased energy reserves.

Ingredients: White Fish Meal, Wheatgerm,Wheat, Soya, Montmorillonite Clay, Paprika, Maize and Minerals.

Composition: Carbohydrates 39%, Protein 32%, Crude Fat 9%, Crude Fibre 2.4%, Ash 4.9%, Vitamin A 10.000 I.E/kg, Vitamin D 1170 I.E/kg, Vitamin E 200 I.E/kg, Vitamin C 250 I.E/kg.


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