Oase ProMax MudDrain 11000 Drainage Pump

The Oase ProMax MudDrain 11000 is a powerful dirty water pump, ideal for the removal of contaminated water from basements, construction sites and ditches, as well as emptying ponds, lakes and water features. This robust submersible drainage pump can handle waste particles up to 30mm in diameter with a flow rate of over 11000 litres per hour and maximum delivery head of 7m.

The ProMax MudDrain 11000 Sump Pump features a high-quality, stainless steel housing and comes supplied with a 10m mains cable and a stepped hosetail adaptor allowing connection of 25mm or 38mm flexible hose, or a 1 1⁄2″ BSP female screw connection. All Oase ProMax MudDrain Drainage Pumps feature an adjustable float switch which will automatically activate and deactivate the pump when the water reaches a specific level.

Whether contaminated water must be pumped out of shafts or pools – the Oase ProMax MudDrain Pumps work reliably and are designed precisely for these challenging tasks. The powerful and robust Oase ProMax MudDrain pumps are available with delivery rates of 7000, 11000, 14000, 20000, 25000 and 30000 litres per hour. With the ability to pump solid particles up to 40mm the Oase ProMax MudDrain are an essential piece of equipment when pumping polluted water.

  • Max flow rate 11500lph
  • Max Delivery Head 7m
  • Can handle waste particles up to 30mm in diameter
  • Automatic pump switch-on and switch-off through the float switch
  • Optimal heat dissipation of the motor thanks to water cooling
  • High quality and robust stainless steel housing
  • Heavy design for optimal stability
  • Adjustable handle allows easy and reliable positioning of the float sensor