Oase HeatUp Aquarium Heaters

The OASE HeatUp aquarium heater range incorporates a patented temperature control system allowing precise re-adjustment of the aquarium water temperature. The bi-metal temperature sensor gives sensitive and accurate readings, providing a uniform water temperature without large fluctuations before activating. HeatUp aquarium heaters are suitable for use within fresh and marine water setups.

OASE HeatUp heaters are available in 25w, 50w, 75w, 100w, 150w, 200w, 250w and 300 watt versions.  As an approximate guide, we would suggest a minimum of 1 watt of heating per 1 litre of tank water (i.e. a 50 litre tank would be best suited to a 50w heater).

These German engineered fish tank heaters can be integrated with the FiltoSmart and BioMaster externally mounted filters, meaning no need to install these inside the aquarium.  The heater is also supplied with installation holder for direct mounting within any aquarium.  All HeatUp heaters within this range are covered by a 3 year guarantee.


  • Maintains a uniform water temperature
  • Reliable throughout continuous operation
  • Suitable for Fresh and Salt Water aquariums
  • Patented precise temperature control system
  • Sensitive thermostat activates heater with minimal fluctuation in water temperature
  • 3 year OASE guarantee


HeatUp 25
Wattage: 25W
Dimensions: 23 x 205mm

HeatUp 50
Wattage: 50W
Dimensions: 23 x 205mm

HeatUp 75
Wattage: 75W
Dimensions: 23 x 243mm

HeatUp 100
Wattage: 100W
Dimensions: 23 x 243mm

HeatUp 150
Wattage: 150W
Dimensions: 23 x 315mm

HeatUp 200
Wattage: 200W
Dimensions: 23 x 315mm

HeatUp 250
Wattage: 250W
Dimensions: 23 x 370mm

HeatUp 300
Wattage: 300W
Dimensions: 23 x 370mm

HeatUp 400
Wattage: 400W
Dimensions: 23 x 440mm