Oase Filtoclear Set 3000 Set

FiltoClear Set 3000

Top product characteristics

  • Clear water guaranteed through the ideal combination of filter. pump and UVC technology
  • Optimally matched sets
  • Attractive price advantage over separate purchase of the individual components.

Product characteristics

  • Including OASE Clear Water Guarantee
  • Filter technology simply selected and ready for connection
  • Complete set includes: FiltoClear pressure filter incl. UVC clarifier and matching AquaMax Eco Premium filter and watercourse pump
  • FiltoClear: High filtration capacity in a small space with patented cleaning function
  • AquaMax Eco Premium: Extremely energy efficient displacement
  • Ideal for supplying higher elevated watercourses and architectural pools
  • Integrated in the natural environment. thanks to possibility of in ground installation and the sandstone look of the cover


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