Oase AquaSkim 40 Skimmer

The Oase AquaSkim 40 skimmer is ideal for the removal of free floating surface debris, such as leaves, uneaten fish food, pollen etc. The AquaSkim 40 is ideal for use with the Oase AquaMax Eco Pro range of pond pumps.

By removing the floating debris before it breaks down into sludge which in turn acts as food for algae, the Oase Pond skimmer range massively reduce pond maintenance and improve water quality and clarity.


  • Powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces up to 40m²
  • Clearly improved water quality and viewing depth through
  • Base with large-surface receptacle for rocks as ballast
  • Easy maintenance with easily accessible coarse debris basket
  • Debris basket can also be taken out from a distance via grip hooks
  • Through a two-part telescopic tube it is infinitely height adjustable
  • Float automatically bridges water level differentials up to 120mm
  • Adjust the height of the AquaSkim 40 simply and without tools
  • Smaller tube diameter prevents skimmer from floating due to less air content