NT Labs Pro F Cichlid Red 48 Tropical fish food

Pro-f Cichlid Red 48


Balanced diet for carnivorous & omnivorous species

 · Colour boosting astaxanthin

 ·Multi-vitamin mix

 ·0.8-1.2 mm slow sinking granule

Cichlid Red 48 uses the highest grade of quality ingredients to meet the needs of both carnivorous and omnivorous species of cichlid.  These slow sinking. highly digestible granules are packed with astaxanthin to significantly enhance the colouration of your fish.  The high protein pellet includes a multi-vitamin mix and Stimune for a balanced feed.  Cichlid Red 48 is ideal for dwarf cichlid species from Central & South America and select species from Lake Tanganyika. such as Haplochromis.

Feed twice daily. only the amount your fish will consume in a few minutes.



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