NT Labs Permanganate

Permanganate Dip

Anti-Parasite & Antiseptic Treatment for Koi

Treats: Fish Lice. Leeches. Anchor-Worm. Parasites & Ulcers

When to use:

  • When fish have lice. leeches. anchor worm. parasites or ulcers.


  • When treating the whole pond. switch off UV until all the pink colour has gone from the water.
  • Provide plenty of aeration. especially during dip treatments.
  • Use the bath treatment for parasites such as Costia. Trichodina. Chilodenella etc.
  • Use the dip treatment for fish lice. leeches. anchor worm and to clean ulcers.


  • Permanganate should never be mixed with other treatments or used at temperatures over 22oC.
  • Do not leave fish in the strong dip treatment for more than 30 minutes.