NT Labs Acriflavin


Antiseptic & Anti-Bacterial Treatment for Koi
Treats: Fin. Tail & Mouth Rot and Ulcers

When to use:

  • When fish show symptoms of bacterial infection. useful as a quarantine solution.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Ulcer Swab and Propolis sealant in the treatment of ulcers and other open wounds.


  • Switch off UV until all the colour has gone from the water.
  • Test your water quality first using Pond lab test kits.
  • Aerate your pond well during medication.
  • Wait 7 days after the final dose before treating with a different medication.
  • If you feel that a repeat dose is necessary. check your diagnosis carefully using the diagnosis tool on our website. a different medication may be more suitable.
    Always treat when you have time to observe fish and take appropriate action if they react badly.


  • Use at water temperatures above 30oC.
  • Use in hot. humid weather.
  • Mix medications.