G4 Pond Sealer

G4 clear pond sealer for sealing concrete ponds.

G4 pond seal is one component polyurethane which forms a no-porous.tough. durable but flexible seal. It is brown translucent in colour. Sealsporous substrates such as concrete and brick. G4 will not sealconcrete or lightweight blocks. these need to be rendered before application.When used for sealing ponds. any substrate below the water line must be cementrendered. G4 can not be used at low temperatures. down to 0 degrees C and inareas of relative high humidity. G4 cannot be used on bitumen or pond liners.G4 is easy and quick to use. simply brush onthe recommended coats in a day. 


Working Instructions 

  1. Ensure cement render is clean.dry and porous – Highly trowelled surfaces are not advised. New render should be allowed to harden for 21-28 days depending on conditions. Reinforcing fibres in the cement render must be burnt or sanded off before use. 
  2. Repair cracks and damaged areas.
  3. Apply first coat by brush. avoid thick coats. and allow to become fingerprint dry. or dry enough to walk upon carefully. approx. 60-90 minutes depending on humidity. Apply subsequent coats following above instructions. Do not allow longer than 4 hours to elapse between each coat. Normally 3 coats of G4 standard are sufficient but on very porous or rough surfaces a 4th coat may be required.Rain will affect uncured G4 so make provision for covering if rain is suspected. 
  4. Allow to harden for 72 hours before washing down with clean water. 

G4 Coloured 

With coloured G4 the first two coats are G4 standard followed by 2 coatscoloured G4. Follow instructions as detailed above.



Varies slightly depending on porosity. On normal porous cement renders:-

G4 Standard -3 coats = 550g/sq.m (for the 3 coats )

G4 coloured -2 coats G4 standard =410g/sq.m (for 2 coats). 

                      – 2 coats G4 coloured =400 g/sq.m (for 2 coats) .


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