Evolution Aqua Pure Reef Balance – 60 balls

PURE Reef Balance is a unique combination of live marine-specific bacteria and enzymes. Ground-breaking technology and a unique delivery method ensures a population of live bacteria will instantly colonise filters, substrates and decor, tank water and other internal surfaces. PURE Reef Balance gets straight to work digesting waste as well as converting ammonia and nitrite.

PURE Reef Balance is suitable both for fish-only and reef aquariums and will work with or without live rock. Regular addition will encourage biological diversity within closed salt water systems and create the perfect balance for fish, corals and other invertebrates. Because it is so easy to dose it is perfect for newcomers to the hobby who want to keep Nemo for the first time, right through to experienced reefers and public aquariums.

Key Features:

  • Live bacteria and enzymes
  • Clears water
  • Digests waste
  • Reduces skimmer maintenance
  • Improves biological diversity. Cycles new aquariums. Rapidly matures filter media. Creates a balanced ecosystem.