Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy Pod Air


Eazy Pod Air 

Acompact member of the Nexus family. the EazyPod is a mechanical and biologicalfilter system for garden ponds up to 20.000 litres or Koi ponds up to 10.000litres. The EazyPod utilises static K1 Media. which provides enhancedbiological benefits. even when using the EazyPod solely as a mechanical wastefilter.


The EazyPod isavailable in grey or green colours and also can be supplied as an EazyPodAir.with an Air Pump 70.

– Mechanicaland biological filtration.

– Very eazy toinstall and operate.

– Quick andeazy cleaning cycle.

– Worksequally well pump or gravity fed.

– Ideal as afilter on a quarantine system.

– Also idealfor use as a pre-filter. polisher or on a skimmer line.





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