Evolution Aqua Airpump 70 Litre (Complete Airpump Kit)

Airtech Air Pumps are excellent quality and provide high performance for all fish-keepers. The diaphragm pump is well engineered, robust and durable. This complete kit contains everything you need to create a smooth connection and a vibrant stream of bubbles in your pond from the pump to airstones.

The airpump can handle around 70 litres per hour so it’s great for a smaller size pond. As the kit includes 2 air stones you can create a steady stream of bubbles to distribute oxygen around the pond and keep the water as fresh and healthy as possible.

Using an airpump and stone will create movement within the pond which shares the oxygen in the water around more evenly. This creates a healthier environment and avoids any stagnant patches which can cause poor water quality.

This carefully constructed pump is reliable with low energy consumption making it cost effective all year round. As it comes complete with a two year guarantee, you can rely on Evolution Aqua.

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The kit includes:

  • Airtech 70 pump
  • 4 Tap Manifold.
  • 10 metres airline.
  • 2 high quality airstones at 80mm x 30mm.
  • Rubber elbow and clips (for when placed in fitted areas).

Kit Specifications:

  • Wattage- 34W
  • Guarantee- 2 Years
  • Max Output- 70Lpm (4200Lph)
  • Max Pond Depth- 3.2m


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