Ciano Aqua 60 LED Aquarium in White

The Ciano Aqua 60 Aquarium is a stylish modem designed aquarium complete with energy-saving LED Lighting, Ciano CF Filtration and a heater. Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or a new to keeping fish the Ciano Aqua is the perfect choice with various sizes in the range to suit most needs.

The Ciano Aqua 60 comes complete with the versatile Ciano CF80 internal filter complete with a spray bar for a more uniformed distribution of water and increased oxygenation. Included with the Ciano CF80 Is the 30PPI Medium foam and the Medium Water Clear cartridge for superb filtration. Additional biological cartridge and algae reducing cartridge are available for flexible increased filtration capability.

The efficient LED lighting complete with the Ciano Aqua is suitable to grow live plants and bring out the natural colours of both the plants and fish. Option addition LED lighting is available.

As with all aquariums from all manufacturers, we highly recommend installing your glass aquarium on a purpose-built aquarium stand or cabinet the same size or larger than the footprint of the aquarium, if you do not install on a purpose-built aquarium stand or cabinet, this will void your warranty (same with all glass tank manufacturers)

Key Features:

  • Dimensions, 60cm x 30cm x 33.5cm (LXWXH)
  • 4mm Glass Thickness
  • Ciano CF80 Filter with 1x 30 PPI Medium Foam and 1x Medium Water Clear
  • Contains 1x Ciano 50w Heater
  • 2-year guarantee