biOrb Heater Pack

The BiOrb Heater Pack will transform your BiOrb into a perfect habitat for tropical fish using the brand’s highest quality, premium heating equipment. BiOrb have developed the ideal kit for both new and advanced hobbyist to enjoy, It consists of a 50w heater, a glass thermometer and heater stand. The choice in such superior equipment for aquarium professionals, allows for the opportunity to expand the inhabitants of your tank to accommodate a varied range of tropical species.

A snap out section in the BiOrb light unit provides a gap into which the lead from the heater can rest, keeping the lead tidy while allowing the light unit to remain fitted securely into place on the top. The BiOrb heater stand enables the fixing of a heater onto the curved interior of the BiOrb. Although designed for use in the BiOrb, the heater stand can be used in most aquariums if desired.

By converting your aquarium to tropical, the BiOrb Heater Pack insulates the water to idealistic controllable conditions and is suitable for tank sizes up to 60 litres.

Key Features:

Suitable for tanks up to 60 litres

50w heater

Glass thermometer

Heater stand

Allows tank to be converted into a tropical aquarium

Genuine BiOrb products

Superb quality

Easy to use