Bermuda Fountain and Water Feature Pump (2000 LPH)

Bermuda’s Water Feature Pump range offers a fantastic set of affordable, reliable and discreet pumps, perfect to use with a water feature at home. They’re small and compact and are easy to connect up to your current feature. The 10-metre power cable provides ample of manoeuvrability in order to run the cable to a power socket within your home. On the pump, you’ll find a flow adjuster, which allows you to change the water output in order to have the ideal flow rate for your fountain or feature.

Available in variable litre per hour power models (2000LPH and 4000 LPH)

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Small to Medium Water Features
  • Cost-Effective Pump Replacement
  • Easy to Connect & Maintain
  • Adjustable Flow Output for Precise Control
  • 10-Metre Cable


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