AquaMax Eco Titanium 50000

The Oase Aquamax Eco Titanium 50000 dry mounted pond pump has been designed specifically with larger ponds in mind which do not have the need to lift water very high above water level. The Aquamax Titanium produces a very high volume of water at low pressure and exceedingly low power consumption – 48000 litre per hour for only 320 watts. The Titanium has been built to be installed in a dry chamber as part of a gravity fed filter system but can be used submerged in a pond or last stage of a filter chamber. However. the 75mm (3) inlet and outlet are threaded and do not come with any fittings or a pre filter and so installation in to a system or pond will need to be considered. Any advice needed about how to do this please call on 01253 896127 or email us. Like the other Oase Aquamax Premium pumps the Aquamax Eco Titanium 50000 pump also features the Environmental Function Control (EFC by OASE) which protects against dry running and blocking as well as the Seasonal Flow Control switch which if used will slow down the pump automatically when the water temperature drops to a certain level reducing your power consumption. This can lead to a 30% energy savings.The Titanium pump is not actually made of Titanium but has a cast Stainless Steel housing. the impellor is capable of pumping particles up to 6mm in size and the rotor shaft and bearings are of high quality SCI ceramics for a reliable and long life span. Included with the Titanium pump is 10m of mains cable. but also 10m of DMX cable and a Oase DMx-RDM controller which displays the flowrate. runtime and power consumption and allows you to adjust the flowrate of the pump from the controller. This pump is covered by a 3 year guarantee. which can be extended to 5 years free of charge. simply by sending the warranty card off to Oase.Due to the large inlet size. if this pump is not being used with a pre-filter and the inlet is left open (for example in a pump chamber part of a gravity filter). then it is strong recommended that a Aquamax Eco Titanium Safety Grid is used. This item fits directly over the inlet screw thread and ensures that big items (such as media) can not jam the pump.Oase Aquamax Eco Titanium 50000 Dry Mounted Pond Pump Exceedingly low power consumption – only 320 watts Maximum flow rate 48000 litres per hour Can be mount in or out of the water. we recommend it to be used external. 75mm (3") inlet and outlet size High quality SCI ceramic rotor shaft and bearings Cast stainless steel housing 6mm maximum particle pumping size Includes a Oase DMx-RDM controller 5 year guarantee


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