Aquamax Dry 6000

This version of the Oase Aquamax is specially designed for dry installation. ie. it is not submersible under the water but joins up straight to your pipework.It won’t suit the pump fed system employed by the majority of our customers but it is perfect for a gravity-fed system favoured by koi keepers.The Aquamax Dry should be set up below the water level in a separate pump chamber. By keeping the pump away from the main pond water in this way you receive the benefits of a safer pond environment and a pump that is easy to access and therefore maintain.FeaturesThanks to the stable base it can be safely dry-installed below the water level.Very quiet in operation2 additional stainless steel hose clips for connecting 1 ½" hoses2 hose connectors for 1". 1 ¼" and 1 ½" hosesAsynchronous motor technology with flow-optimised impellerHigh performance pump especially designed for dry installation.5 year Guarantee (validated by completeing enclosed wrranty card)Cable length is 10 metres


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