Aqua One OakStyle Industrial Concrete 230

The Aqua One OakStyle Industrial Concrete 230 aquarium comes complete with filtration, keeping your tank water clean and fresh. There is an economical LED light unit, perfect for really illuminating your aquascene. The OakStyle 230 tank is made from 6mm thick glass, with the tank measuring at 116cm x 37.5cm x 60cm, and the matching cabinet is 123cm x 41cm x 77cm. There is a total volume of 230l, and the lighting it made up from 30w slimline LED unit over the tank, to really show off the tank to its very best.

This stunning piece of furniture really makes an impact within your home, with its modern take of a classic fish tank style. The cabinet comprises of 2 cupboards, and 3 drawers, giving you plenty of storage space for all your aquatic needs. The cabinet houses the external Ocellaris 850 filter, ensuring your water is kept at its very best, with clean and fresh water to provide the perfect living environment for your fish.

The OakStyle Industrial Concrete comes in a stark concrete grey finish, with matching handles to complete the look. The industrial look of this tank is finished perfectly with the cabinet and lighting hood shield. If this tank doesn’t seem like the right size for you, why not look at the¬†other OakStyles in the range, including an 85l, 110l, 230l and 300l, as well as the 145l, also in a range of OakStyle Shades.

Key Features

  • The fastest selling aquarium in Aqua One history
  • Industrial furniture design with shaker style doors and modern handles.
  • Distinctive features such as shelves, drawers, and wine racks.
  • Euro style bracing system to tank with easy access glass lids.
  • Complete with 300w heater and Ocellaris 850 external filter
  • Powerful 30w LED lighting, featuring white and RGB LEDs, with separate blue LED function
  • Tank – 116cm x 37.5cm x 60cm
  • Cabinet – 123cm x 41cm x 77cm
  • 230l Tank Volume with 8mm thick glass





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